It's how you think about it!

Like building a house, how much it costs depends on the numbers of rooms, the level of luxury vs utility, the building products used, all designs will be expected to keep you dry at the very least.

We work with you to determine the best way to build your website, the best way to maintain your website and advise on the best way to reach out, in conjunction with your other traditional marketing material, to achieve your online objectives.

You are then armed with the information you need on the best way to steer your business to meet your objectives.

What about FREE IDEAS.

Build my own website?

There are many companies that offer low prices through mass produced website services and the benefits of mass produced websites are the lower costs with the security that they are backed by major companies so what could be wrong with that?

The down side of mass produced websites is they get their advantage by providing uniformity.

The best websites and marketing get their advantage from their uniqueness.

Unique vs Uniformity – you see the issue.

You don’t want to pay for the Super Car - you might want the performance!

We want to build your website to achieve your goals whether they are greater awareness, SEO, new customers, more sales to existing customers, even if you don't start working with us, we'll give you ideas that will help. Join our group of businesses who get FREE Ideas.

When we build websites we believe they belong to you and that means that when build your website we also provide it on disk for your records.

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Website design is only the start
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  • Website Design
  • Party decoration company 4UrParty
  • Start2Day web design
  • busy-web - home for busy websites
  • Gill McGregor
  • Candid Networks - Hardware network Installation
  • Heart Computers - Computer Repair
  • Network Hardware

From scoping to coding, search engine optimisation to design, the websites we work on are as different as the organisations they are created for.